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Cruising the Galapagos is the best way to explore unique and remote visitor sites. Maximize your experience with these high value cruises.

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An affordable Galapagos cruise option. Our mid-range yachts are very comfortable and offer attentive service.

Offering basic services and comfort, all budget cruises include private bathrooms with hot water and air-conditioning.

These tours will take you to some of the most renowned places for diving in Galapagos. Join a live aboard cruise or take a hotel-based diving tour from the Islands.

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The M/C Endemic Galapagos Catamaran, starting operations in July 2018, is the product of 20 years of feedback from our Galapagos cruise guests, and the result is the most highly-evolved Galapagos yacht to date.

  • Motor Catamaran

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$3769 (4D/3N)

If you're into diving, you probably want to know which is the best Galapagos cruise for scuba diving? After all, at a bucket list destination, you don't want to take a chance. Luckily, with the Calipso Galapagos Yacht, you know you've found a good

  • Diving Cruise

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$2445 (4D/3N)

An Elite Galapagos Cruise represents the top experience available in the archipelago. Imagine panoramic views surrounding you no matter where you are on the ship, including on the private balcony of your own cabin.

  • Motor Catamaran

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$4889 (4D/3N)

The Grand Majestic is one of the newest, fastest, and most luxurious yachts cruising the Galapagos Islands. She was built in the United States in 2018 by a top-tier mega-yacht shipyard and operates 4, 5, and 8-day cruise itineraries with expert bilingual

  • Small Yatch

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$2845 (4D/3N)

Most people think of Galapagos cruise ship diving as a bucket list adventure! And they're right! The Blue Spirit Galapagos Yacht, makes that adventure accessible for a lucky 16 passengers. Recently refurbished, her social areas include a bar

  • Small Yatch

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$2720 (8D/7N)

The MT Camila is one of the most luxurious yachts to ever cruise the Galapagos and currently is the only trimaran sailing the islands. An ecologically-designed hull and motor make it simultaneously one of the most efficient, greenest, and most stable

  • Motor Catamaran

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$3580 (4D/3N)

A great addition to the archipelago's first-class fleet, the Solaris Galapagos Yacht is the newest yacht in the islands, set to receive up to 16 passengers in style. A small, comfortable yacht, she offers modern design in a stunning neutral palette

  • Small Yatch

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$2595 (4D/3N)

The Galapagos Infinity is a new, luxury-class single-hulled motor sailor that carries 20 lucky passengers through the exotic Galapagos Islands. Setting sail in 2018, the Infinity features eight cabins, 2 large luxury suites,

  • Small Yatch

  • Capacity: 20 passengers

From US$3445 (4D/3N)

The oddly named Danubio Azul (Blue Danube in Spanish) isn't a riverboat in Central Europe, but a small, 10-passenger economically priced Galapagos boat that is one of the few boats in the Galapagos permitted by the National Park to run both diving cruises

  • Diving Cruise

  • Capacity: 10 passengers

From US$1935 (4D/3N)

Passengers will enjoy the comfortable and spacious areas onboard Nemo. The sail catamaran accommodates up to 14 passengers with first class service.

  • Motor Sailor

  • Capacity: 14 passengers

From US$1300 (4D/3N)

The Cormorant Catamaran offers high quality and luxury experience for those looking to cruise the Galapagos Islands. Experience the best itineraries in spacious staterooms, large social areas and an inviting dining area, as well as a sun deck,

  • Motor Catamaran

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$3545 (4D/3N)

Her speed, comfort, luxurious interiors, and excellent itinerary make Petrel perfect for your Galapagos Cruise Adventure. All cabins boast the luxury of a private balcony and the new stability system ensures the smoothest of rides.

  • Motor Catamaran

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$3580 (4D/3N)

Be the first to visit the Galapagos Islands on the newly redesigned Santa Cruz II. With itineraries created with you in mind in order to see only the best of the best in the Islands, the Santa Cruz II has 3 Galapagos itineraries.

  • Cruise Ship

  • Capacity: 90 passengers

From US$3822 (4D/3N)

The new Tip Top II is a first class yacht with a crew of 8, the captain, a multi-lingual guide, engineer, international cook, barman, waitress, and two sailors, all catering to your needs. The catamaran accommodates up to 16 passengers

  • Motor Catamaran

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$3255 (4D/3N)

La Pinta is a Luxury Cruise ship dedicated to its 48 passengers and keeps everyone from adults to children entertained, as well to the Galapagos Islands running their own Galapagos Foundation.

  • Cruise Ship

  • Capacity: 48 passengers

From US$4666 (4D/3N)

Formerly named the Grand Odyssey, the Sea Star Journey is a superior first-class yacht providing sufficient space and room to relax for 16 passengers. Onboard guests can relish in the shaded and unshaded areas, solarium, two Jacuzzis and sun beds.

  • Small Yatch

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$3399 (5D/4N)

Boasting high standards of conservation and quality services, the Beagle is Smart Voyager certified and owner-operated. This sailing yacht is spacious and luxurious designed with teak decks, wide open and shaded sun decks, a fully stocked bar, and library

  • Motor Sailor

  • Capacity: 14 passengers

From US$4320 (8D/7N)

Entirely handmade, the Aida Maria is a 16 passenger yacht with deep family roots in the Galapagos since the 1930s, an experienced captain and friendly crew make for a great experience onboard, accompanied by the various open areas to relax and enjoy

  • Small Yatch

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$1750 (4D/3N)

The Golondrina is a comfortable and small yacht suitable for 16 passengers with realistic prices for its passengers. The yacht is equipped with both motor and sails, so you may be able to experience some sailing in the Galapagos as well.

  • Small Yatch

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$1222 (4D/3N)

The Isabela is a luxury yacht that will make your cruise unforgettable. The 40 passenger yacht includes everything and anything a guest might need. Social areas are designed to perfection with an available Jacuzzi, fitness room, a welcoming bar, and

  • Cruise Ship

  • Capacity: 40 passengers

From US$3550 (5D/4N)

Endemic Galapagos Cruise
James Campbell

Hi Sofia,

The Galapagos was the best experience of our life.

The uninhabited islands were like stepping back in time or to a different planet and the wildlife was incredible.

It was an experience of a lifetime and we want to return!

The service from you was amazing. The service all the way through from transfer to the flight home was superb and we were very well looked after at all times.

An unforgettable experience so thank you to everyone!

All the best

Anahi Galapagos Catamaran

To my friend Margarita,
I just want to thank you for our wonderful trip to Ecuador. We had an amazing experience in Galapagos. The MC Anahi was really great. The crew was excellent. Our guide was a guy named Andre Degel and he was really great. We learned so much. We snorkeled twice a day, hiked twice a day. We saw every kind of animal and bird and fish you can imagine. The next week we spent traveling around Ecuador and had so much fun. We went from Quayaquil to Salinas, Manta, Quevedo, Latacunga, Banos, and Quenca. What a diverse and beautiful country you have. From the jungle to the high mountains to the ocean it was all varied and so pretty. All the people we encountered were to friendly and helpful. We just got home yesterday. Thank you for your help planning our trip. I'll recommend Ecuador to everyone I know.

From your friend in Utah,

Legend Ship - Galapagos Cruise
Dennis Haar

Hi Gabriela,

I did fill out the survey and gave the whole trip/staff excellent ratings.

I also wanted to thank you directly for your help.    I had actually contacted another group prior to Columbus Travel but they were slow to respond.    Your quick response and accurate understanding of our needs made you the clear front-runner.   I’m glad we made the choice with Columbus.

Thank you.


What’s New in the Galapagos?

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New Galapagos Yachts and Ships for 2019

Cruises have long been considered the best way to experience the Galapagos Islands, allowing explorers exclusive access to even the most remote visitor sites and featuring all-inclusive itineraries that offer a mix of activities and highlight gourmet local and international fare.

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Planning a Diving Trip to the Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are one of the world's premier SCUBA diving destinations. Here are tips on how to plan a diving trip to the Galapagos.


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We help you from the moment you first contact us thoughout your entire journey until you arrive back home. You will be greeted at the airport by an English speaking guide when you arrive to Ecuador and be accompanied by knowledgable professionals every step along your voyage. Expect gratuitous Ecuadorian hospitality backed by the Norwegian management’s attention to detail and highest standards of quality.

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We ONLY offer Galapagos tours and Galapagos extensions. All of our Galapagos Trip Advisors live in Ecuador, have traveled to the Galapagos extensively, and know each of the boats, hotels and islands intimately. A generalist travel agency can never have this depth of knowledge.

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As one of the world’s leading tour operators for the Galapagos Islands, and by being located in Quito, we negotiate the absolute best rates with every boat and hotel. We we pass that savings on to you. Low prices combined with top-tier service equals a better value than you’ll find anywhere else.

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